Rollerball Faber Castell


In the Graf von Faber - Castell collection we can find a great choice of rollerball pens with a tip that glides precisely on the paper, a long-lasting magnum refill. The cushioned refill of the finewriter ensures an extremely pleasant and fluid writing sensation.
The Magnum Refill can be mounted on all Graf collections: Guilloche, Bentley, Classic, Anello, Pen of the Year, Intuition, Tamitio.

The roller pen uses a gel or water-based ink that achieves a greater smoothness than the ballpoint pen, a fluid and pleasant writing. It is certainly a type of writing much appreciated by many, it was invented at the turn of the 60s and '70 in Japan, was a happy evolution of the ballpoint pen, today it has become one of the most used tools by the population.

All the pen brands present in the various collections the roller or rollerball pen, lately In these pens many brands give the possibility to mount in addition to the classic refill roller the brand new fineliner real "felt pens" for writing.

Rollerball and Fineliner Montblanc, Montegrappa, Parker, Visconti, Caran d'Ache in our online store.