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  1. Parker Duofold Classic Black Gold Finish 23k GT Fountain Pen 1931381 man woman icon design Jacques Marie Mage arrow clip
    Parker Duofold Classic Black Gold Finish 23k GT Fountain Pen
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It was born in 1888 from the entrepreneurial desire of George Parker, a telegraphy teacher. Certainly one of the oldest manufacturers, it boasts the most famous collections in the world of the pen such as Parker 51, Parker 75, Parker Ciselè, Parker Duofold, Parker Jotter. In 1921 the fundamental year for Parker, DUOFOLD was born, perhaps the most beautiful and from that distant day the prince of the PARKER collection but also one of the icons of the world of writing.

More than 130 years have passed since the first fountain pen produced, it was LOUIS EDSON WATERMAN in 1884, today we have a huge choice among many brands. We offer you our selection of fountain pens, ballpoint pens, rollerballs, fineliners, the more limited editions. rare, all the best writing instruments that the market offers us.
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