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Pelikan Limited Edition - Herzstück 1929 Fountain Pen

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Color Black
Dimensions 12,2x1,3 cm (4.81"x0.51")
Limited Edition Yes
Special Edition No
Brand Pelikan
Product Fountain pen
Nib material Gold 18 kt
Trim Sterling Silver
Filling system new piston filling system
Theodor Kovács & Fritz Beindorff Dare to do new things. An inventor and a visionary show their foresight. In an effervescent atmosphere, the engineer Theodor Kovács develops a revolutionary fountain pen that features a differential piston mechanism capable of eliminating all the disadvantages of existing writing instruments at the time. The owner of Pelikan, Fritz Beindorff, immediately understands the importance of the invention and buys the patent in 1927. The registration of patents takes place in Germany in 1928 and only a year later the first Pelikan fountain pen with patented piston mechanism enters into a series production. New revolution Innovative. Mobile. Pioneering. The new piston filling system changes the culture of writing. A small rotation with a revolutionary impact: the innovative technology with two different conductors inside the fountain pen ensures that the shaft turns faster than the pen handle. The writing instrument can contain a larger volume of ink, can be filled more easily and does not produce ink stains. The advantages compared to the tube fountain pens that had dominated the market up to that point make it easier to use the pen even while traveling. Herzstück 1929 Iconic. Modern. Exclusive. The limited edition reinterprets the original form with a contemporary spirit. With great love for detail, "Herzstück 1929" pays tribute to the original of the 1920s: the transparent window, the curved clip in the form of a pelican beak, the hood with the historic Pelikan logo, the shape and details of the grip reminiscent of the revolutionary Pelikan fountain pen. Clear vision Extraordinary. Transparent. Exciting. The large window on the shaft allows new visions. A distinctive feature of the commemorative instrument is the large viewing window that extends the entire length of the shaft. It is a fascinating design that offers not only the vision of the ink level, as in the case of the historic Pelikan fountain pen, but also of the piston itself. Thus, as the ink is loaded into the pen, you can see how the plunger mechanism works. The piston is gold plated and marked with the historical patent number. Jewel Precious. Refined. Gold plated. The high quality materials of "Herzstück 1929" exude luxury and annoyance. Entirely in black and gold, the pen conquers for its magnificence and exclusivity: the parts in gilded brass and the nib in 18-carat gold create highly refined contrasts of light. The very high quality black resin is polished with natural diamonds that guarantee a self-polishing effect with the use because the "Herzstück 1929" continues to shine over time. The extreme brilliance and maximum hardness of the surface make the pen truly unique. Rare beauty Limited. Rara. Inimitable. Limited availability makes it coveted all over the world. In honor of the original, the limited edition is based on the historical patent number, whose last three digits were 462. The complete patent number is engraved on the golden piston, while the individual edition number - in the image the number 008 - of the total of 462 pieces worldwide, adorns the ring of each pen. It is the proof of the uniqueness of these pens of rare beauty.

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