Omas Imagination Limited and Numbered Edition 85 of 905 piston filled fountain pens

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Color Silver
Dimensions 15 X 1,6 cm
Limited Edition Yes
Special Edition No
Brand Omas
Product Fountain pen
Nib Fine
Nib material Gold 18 kt
Trim Platinum plated
Filling system Piston
Quanta, Relativity, Strings…. Human imagination to invent concepts and theories to understand our Universe. Limited Edition: 905 numbered Fountain Pens, solid silver and lacquer. OMAS dedicates its first Limited Edition to all those who, thanks to their ability to create the non-existent, have contributed to the knowledge of the Universe and its Laws, a tribute to and, at the same time, a memory of the international World Year of Physics, wanted by Unesco, to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the “Annus Mirabilis”, the peak of the development of Physics, its arrival and starting point. The three sides of the OMAS 360, futuristically made of .925 sterling silver, feature diamond engravings of rare skill that reveal the formulas of the Theory of Restricted Relativity, Quantum Theory and Superstring Theory. A night-blue line represents the long journey from the Earth to the Space, from the infinity as imagined by Roman and Greek philosophers, somewhere between science and fantasy. It goes along with them, winding albeit with right angles, marking every step of Man and his achievements, his considerations on a reality that combines and melts together rationality and spirit.

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