Montegrappa Desiderio Ballpoint pen Navy Blue

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Color Blue
Ink color Black
Dimensions 13,8x1,52cm (5.46 "x0,59")
Limited Edition No
Special Edition No
Brand Montegrappa
Product Ballpoint pen
Trim Sterling Silver
MONTEGRAPPA DESIDERIO NAVY BLUE BALLPOINT PEN SILVER FINISHES To embody it in a pen is a challenge that has produced a series of writing instruments imbued with mystery, because it is impossible to explain the power of pure desire. Desiderio writing instruments are made of two-tone pearl resin to elegantly match the latest small leather goods and Montegrappa travel accessories. The user can choose between black and red, blue and gray or chocolate and caramel, with a sterling silver finish. DETAILS Color: Navy Blue Materials: resin Finishes: Sterling Silver Size: 3.8x1.52cm (5.46 "x0.59") HISTORY The origin of the word desire is one of the most beautiful and fascinating that can be encountered through the study of the wonderful discipline that is etymology. This term derives from Latin and is composed of the preposition de- which in Latin always has a negative meaning and the term sidus which literally means star. Desire therefore literally means "lack of stars", in the sense of "feeling the lack of stars", of those good omens, good wishes and therefore by extension this verb has also taken on the current meaning, understood as the perception of a lack and, consequently, as a feeling of passionate research.

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